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Beyonce, Kenya Grace & Vikkstar, it’s your weekly lowdown of the hottest music

Written by Jack Rigby.
Posted December 8, 2023.

The music scene is buzzing right now with some huge artists releasing tracks. From Beyonce to Kenya Grace, we’ve rounded up the top five songs of the week and there is something for everyone.

First up is Beyonce with her new track My House which is a big energy R&B track packed with big horns. It’s definitely a record you need to give a spin.

After shooting to fame with Strangers, South African-born Kenya Grace is back with a song called Paris. A high tempo tune that will power you through the wet weekend.

Turning things back to the Brits, we have Maino who has collabed with grime legend Giggs to bring out We Made It. It’s all about the vocals with this one, it’s a big room hip hop track with a Rick Ross energy which is sure to blow up parties and get a few wheel ups!

Bringing beach club vibes, Humans is the name of the new track by one of the Sidemen, Vikkstar, featuring Shaun Farrugia. Close your eyes, turn up the volume and imagine being golden beach.

Finally, we end off with a heavy tune to get yourself hyped to hit a rave. Danny Avila has partnered with one of the hottest artists at the minute, Flowdan, for this techno tune called My Crew.