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Smart Match Disclaimer

Smart Match recommendations are generated using information provided to us by you, other residents or potential residents, and are designed to assist you in choosing your preferred accommodation from all the options available at UNION.

The technology works by weighting the responses given to key questions and using algorithms to promote listings results for accommodation with potential flatmates who share similar characteristics and preferences. The higher the Smart Match ‘confidence score’ in the listings results, the closer the potential match is on that basis. We do this to try and increase the likelihood of you finding a home you enjoy living in, with like-minded others who get along well. You are however free to choose how much emphasis you place on the confidence score as part of your decision-making process, and our team are always on hand to assist you.

The nature of moving into new accommodation shared with people you do not know means that the actual compatibility of flatmates when living arrangements commence can never be guaranteed, however we hope you will enjoy exploring Smart Match as part of your selection process and will find the service helpful.

Neither the information provided to us which drives Smart Match, nor the scoring which produces the recommendations generated by Smart Match, are verified. All recommendations are subjective and not founded on any proven evidence-base. UNION gives no guarantee in relation to the accuracy of any recommendation or the compatibility of flatmates co-living in recommended accommodation search results.
Under no circumstances can UNION be held responsible for any decisions you choose to make freely because of or in spite of the recommendations it makes.