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Onda announces its new location, and needs your help opening up

Written by Sam Walker.
Posted April 20, 2024.
Onda pasta kitchen
Credit: Onda

Onda has been somewhat of a phenomenon since opening in 2023. They’ve been slinging out mouth-watering pasta dishes at an incredible rate, if you tried to book a seat at the restaurant at the back end of last year, you’d have to wait three months for the slot.

Not only are they known for their pasta dishes, their viral tiramisu draw TikTok is currently sitting on over 32m views and has had stars like Florence Pugh admiring it.

Now they have their eyes set on the next chapter, it has been confirmed they will be opening up at Circle Square in the old Tahi location.

Onda chef Sam Astley-Dean
Credit: Onda

Now they are crowdfunding to help make the new chapter a reality. With a goal of £60,000, each donation comes with a perk.

You can buy a £30 voucher for £25, £60 voucher for £50 and £120 voucher for £100. You can even buy a full tiramisu draw for £120, buy out the 60-seat restaurant for a night, for £1,000 and even learn their tricks with a 12-person pasta workshop.

They’re well on their way to smashing the target, and should be open at Circle Square by mid-May.

Keep an eye out here for more updates from the Onda team, and check out our editorial page for more information on Manchester’s latest openings.