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Skepta steals this week’s limelight, and marks it with a new track –  Union Sounds

Written by Sam Walker.
Posted February 2, 2024.

It’s been a big week for Joseph Adenuga Jr, aka Skepta, with the official release of his new coming-of-age hitman short-film Tribal Mark.

The rumours of his upcoming album have also kept fans monitoring Skepta related news. He has managed to somewhat calm the anticipation by releasing a sample track that we are sure to see on the album. Gas Me Up (Diligent) is exactly what we’ve been waiting for, an easy listener that is bound to power you through the weekend.

Another big star with a release this week is Jennifer Lopez. Her first release since 2022 certainly hasn’t disappointed, Can’t Get Enough is a classic pop tune that will have you dancing round your kitchen all weekend.

Next up we have Sy Smith who has just released an album called Until We Meet Again. Our pick of the lot is a song by the same name as the album. A slow, easy-listeners to relax you whilst frying up your eggs, get this one added to your Sunday morning playlist.

The next song couldn’t be further away from the last if we tried, one for the big beat lovers. A Hadex tune that has the sample of Tokyo Drift being rapped over by Tion Wayne, what’s not to love. ‘Lowkey’ definitely passes the vibe check.

Finally, we have a song that’s perfect if you’re planning a road trip, the definition of a driving song. Mura Masa and Jade Bird with this one, and it’s called Burn The Hard Drive.