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Rise of the machines: the Nike Terminator is back

Written by Sam Walker.
Posted August 12, 2023.
Nike Terminator

Hollywood’s most iconic line “I’ll be back!” resonates today for sneaker heads more than ever, as, after a fall from notoriety, the Nike Terminator has made its comeback.

The low-slung high-tops from the 80s were famously adorned by B-Boys, Rappers and Ballers, but lost their shelf space to some of Nike’s more iconic designs such as the Dunk, Air Force 1s and Jordan 1s over the last 20 years. And whilst they didn’t disappear from Nike’s design repertoire entirely with a brief return in the early 00s, they certainly took a back seat.

Now, as Nike heads look for a breakaway from Jordan 1s and Dunks after what’s been arguably five years at the top of the kick game, sneaker designers at Nike have made a conscious decision to break up the endless colourway collabs on Js and Dunks to bring back the Nike Terminator.

And when money is a little tighter in the face of the cossy livs, and an aesthetical gear change is needed, the Nike Terminator steps in nicely with pairs available from SNKRS for £75 and a new release rolling in at around £125 – £40 less than the equivalent Js.

So, if you’re looking for a new high, that doesn’t come with the same punch to the pocket, then the black and white Phantoms will pair with anything.