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Did it for the Gram: is Waku Waku Manchester’s new influencer hot spot?

Written by Sam Walker.
Posted September 7, 2023.

We’ve all been there right, deciding on a place to grab a bite, powering up insta, and putting in #Manchesterrestaurant to see what cool new places entice you in.

Well, Waku Waku has been designed to capture this content hungry insta generation and draw them in with Manchester’s first 2D monochrome cartoon café dishing up a variety of donburi, noodles and sushi.2D restaurants were first popularised in Seoul, five years ago by a café called YND239-20. The brand went viral across the world and drew in huge crowds of Instagram influencers looking to add something unique to their feed.

And it’s clear, that this super-cool restaurant kit out will be a popular addition to Manchester’s restaurant scene as every time we’ve walked past there’s been queues out of the door.

Chris Lui, the owner and designer of Waku Waku hustled to get the café ready in time. It took over four months of 3am nights to get Waku Waku fully drawn up.

Don’t just be taken in by the aesthetics of the café, the food is great too. A specialist Japanese menu complements the looks. The specialist ‘omurice’ is a highlight from the menu which is a half-omelette, half-rice dish which can be pimped up with sticky glazed eel if you wish. You can also enjoy other Japanese favourites like dumplings, tempura, udon noodles, sushi, rice platters and Japanese desserts.

Waku Waku is located on Portland Street in the city centre, and is open from midday-10pm every day.