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Six unique sports to try in Manchester

Written by John O'Hara.
Posted March 6, 2024.
Club De Padel has recently opened at New Jackson

Manchester has always been known as a footballing city built on the classic City v United derby, but across the city there are loads of sports facilities for those that don’t see football as their thing. We’ve rounded up the best alternative and unique sports for you to try your hand at across the city.

Club de Padel

Based on Owen Street in the centre of the city, padel is the world’s fastest growing sport, originally founded in Mexico in 1969. The game, which can probably be most easily explained as a combination of squash and tennis is usually played as doubles with opponents playing on a tennis-style court, but enclosed in walls which the ball can bounce off.

Padel is accessible for people of any age and skill level and is a great way to stay in shape, Club de Padel is open every day from 7am-10pm so you can fit it in even the busiest of schedules.

Rock Over Climbing located near the city centre is a great unique sport to try

Rock Over Climbing

Climbing and bouldering are two sports that as of late, have been gaining more and more traction. The sports are a great way to stay in shape working a person’s arms, back, core and legs. Based in Chevoit Street next to the AO Arena, Rock Over Climbing is a great example of a climbing hangar which is growing rapidly.

With all the equipment available to hire for a session once your down there, no experience is needed for you to have a great time.

disc golf can be played across manchester as a unique sport

Manchester Disc Golf

Based in both Longford and Lilford Park, disc golf is a unique way to spend a day, combining the fun of frisbee with the competitiveness of golf. Players will use a variety of discs for different throws, just as different clubs are used for different shots in golf with some designed to go long range, some short range and even with some being designed to roll. The sport is also very accessible as people of all ages and abilities are able to give it a go.

Olympians quadball team

Olympians Quadball team

For fans of Harry Potter and those who enjoy competitive sport alike, quadball is a unique way to enjoy team a team sport and stay in shape. Derived from the fictional game of Quidditch in J.K Rowling’s well known wizarding stories, quadball is a full contact sport that involves throwing a ball through one of three hoops. The main difference between it and its fictional counterpart is the lack of broomsticks.

If this is something that interests you then the Manchester Olympians team could benefit from your presence. They alternate training between Leeds and Manchester, with the sessions here being bi-weekly on Platt Fields Park on Saturdays usually between 11am and 3pm.

Manchester bees dodgeball team offer free sessions

Manchester Bees Dodgeball

Dodgeball was always a favourite at school, there is nothing like the rush of being the last person in on your team and mounting an against-the-odds comeback to win the game. That rush is open to anyone now as Manchester’s premier dodgeball team the Bees have both junior and adult sessions, with the first one being completely free.

They train at 8pm on Tuesdays at Moss Side leisure centre and at the same time on Thursdays at the Trinity sports centre.

Total Ninja in Trafford Park

Total Ninja

Have you ever dreamed of being a contestant on the old Challenge show Ninja Warrior? Well dream no longer as it can now be a reality. Total Ninja in Trafford Park can offer a great day out for kids and adults alike with a range of challenging obstacles for you to get to grips with.